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Mobile Website for Courier and Logistics customers

The mobile web presence gives Courier and Logistics Companies owners more opportunities for connecting with customers than ever before. People on-the-go can place an order without having to be in their office.  Customers can place orders for a specific pickup time using our online calendar from anywhere, at any time. For Century Courier and Logistics customers, the mobile website is a game-changer.

Not only does a mobile website provide customers with new ways to place their orders, but it helps with driving more orders through our delivery pipeline on a daily basis.

Features & Functionality for Century Courier and Logistics Mobile users

Popular features for our mobile users include:

  • Mobile ordering when you are on the move
  • Mobile Tracking of orders
  • Selection of specific pickup times
  • Selection of delivery service
  • Adding, editing and deleting delivery addresses
  • Mobile review of past orders
  • Many more......

For Courier and Logistics customers using our mobile website, this is not just another marketing tactic - it's an entirely new way of increasing your efficiency and growing your business.

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